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Dongfang Xinghe Special flexible busbar Since its creation, Wuhan dongfangxinghe wire and cable Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the tenet of "innovation and development, management efficiency", and actively introducing talents and striving for scientific and technological innovation. My company production of 220KV-1000KV substation with special wire products: heat resistant steel core wire Aluminum Alloy (NRLH58GJ1440 NRLH60GJ1440), light Aluminum Alloy strand (LGJQT1400), extended diameter conductor (LGKK600 LGKK900 LGKK1400), supporting tube type heat resistant Aluminum Alloy expanded conductor (JLHN60K1600 JLHN58K1600), Aluminum Alloy conducting tube bus tube type busbar bridge, and other products, product sales covering more than 30 city and area. Some of the products are exported to Southeast Asia and other countries.


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