About us

Since the opening of our company, our company has first class production equipment: aluminum alloy rod continuous rolling continuous casting machine, high performance aluminum and aluminum alloy wire drawing unit. All kinds of stranding machine, windlass, winch cage fork, including type 630, type 710. The actual furnace and continuous aging furnace (of which the continuous aging furnace is the imported technology of Germany).
The company has all kinds of raw materials with quality testing equipment of measuring instruments used internationally advanced product line in the production process and complete plant import 40 Taiwan (sets): the international advanced ICP spectrometer, optical microscope, computer automatic control voltage breakdown tester, pull off force electronic universal testing machine and so on.
The ICP spectrometer is mainly used for the determination of trace elements in aluminum ingot and the analysis of elements content in aluminum alloy. It is the key test instrument for the smelting formulation and product performance control of aluminum alloy conductor series. The products are qualified by many times, such as the National Electric Power Construction Research Institute, the national Power Grid Corp Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute, the provincial Technology Supervision Bureau, and the Shanghai Cable Research Institute.